Here's my allt poster series for Brahms the Boy II ” The Omen Edition”
Inspired from the legendary midle 70s horror movies and their iconic poster art.

I'm so excited to be featured in the upcoming title Ghostbusters: Artbook, curated by Printed In Blood and published by Insight Editions! The book is coming out this May, but you can preorder now here!
I can't wait to share with you the whole piece, but it has to wait until May #KeepItPuft until then.

I’m so excited to announce I’m part of the #strangerthingsartbook Stranger Things project!
Enjoy the stellar cover art made by the extremely talented fellow artist Eileen SG Posters and my piece “dream warriors” chosen for an early full image promo release by Netflix and #DelRaybooks Del Rey Books
Already seems this is going to be another Printed In Blood legendary art book.
So many great and talented artists are involved!!! Can’t wait to hold it in my hands.
Well done Steven and John J. Hill respect!!!
Thanks also all the Bloody Disgusting team and John Freddy In Space for this great feature, I really appreciate it! It’s such an honour.
STRANGER THINGS ARTBOOK, coming this October 15! Preorder your copy here:

± PuλverizεЯ ± taken from my upcoming new series ▲ ßi (((O)) heλλ ▲

‡ bλåçk 3ġġ ‡ collection

The Bride of Candyman
concept and key art for the upcoming film, still in progress

Personal work 2016 – 2018
dark experimental inks